promotional items
Lecce Pen® - promotional ballpens

Lecce Pen brand is known on all continents and the production takes place in Poland. Years of experience on the international market, high standards of service, as well as outstanding design made the Lecce Pen a synonym of Italian style and the highest quality of workmanship. Permanent development as well as investment in the latest technology are inscribed in Lecce Pen's strategy.
B1® - metal ballpens

Companies want to build strong business relationships and strengthen brand image without exceeding their budget. Therefore B1 has become truly the best decision they can take. B1 brand idea is quite simple. As simple as it sounds brand name. Excellent quality, guaranteed durability and surprising price. Does it seem that you’re looking for to do a good deal? It seems that it is you’re looking for, so let’s get a good deal.
thINKme® - promotional notebooks

We would like people to realize that every day has the potential to be an opportunity – an opportunity to be inspired, to learn something new or experience another aspect of life. Let us help you to open your eyes – happiness is around the corner. These principles guided us when creating our brand notebooks thINKme with its unique settings, formats and style. thINKme – a revolution in way you think, live your life.